My Life My Choices

Corrections Edition

My Life My Choices Corrections Edition is a free, 25- to 45-minute budgeting and scenario-based activity of financial priorities and consequences.

MLMC Offender Edition


THE SCENARIO: You are living on your own, you have a full-time job earning about $10 per hour, steady income (or about $1,500 each month after taxes). You have just received your most recent paycheck and now have $1,000 in your account.

YOUR TASK: On the next screen, you will be given a list of 28 items and activities you could spend your monthly budget on. Unfortunately, your paycheck earns you only enough to choose 13 of them.

MATERIALS: It will be helpful, though not necessary, to use the Cash Flow Register available at to track your income and expenses throughout this activity. Download the register at

As you go through this activity, you will be presented with real scenarios that will have financial consequences for better or for worse, based upon your choices.

PRIVACY: The information you submit will be used only for scoring your experience, generating and delivering your service of completion. We may include related non-personally identifying information in aggregate reports to our funders, board, regulators and auditors. You will NOT receive marketing or even additional informational emails from us as a result of taking this course. See our privacy policy for additional information: 2019 Money Fit by DRS, Inc. (

My Life My Choices - Corrections Edition

    MLMC Offender Edition

    Use the BACK and NEXT buttons to navigate. Do NOT use your browser’s back button. If you do, it will exit you from the program.

    Please to complete this activity in ONE SITTING (typically 25-45 minutes).

    Remember to click the SUBMIT Button at the end of the activity in order to DOWNLOAD your free Certificate of Completion

    Remember, you are starting with $1,000 from your paycheck. You still have bills and living expenses to take care of. The course is based on the assumption that you are earning $15 per hour in a full-time job, equating to approximately $2,000 each month after taxes.

    Your goal should NOT be to end the month above $0 but at or above where you started ($1,000). If you end the month at $0, that means that you will have spent $1,000 more than you earned. Over a year, that would be $12,000 more than you earned.

    After completing each screen, click NEXT to continue.

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    My Life My Choices™️ Corrections Edition

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