My Life My Choices

Military Edition

My Life My Choices Military Transition Edition is a free, 25- to 45-minute budgeting and scenario-based activity of financial priorities and consequences, for military service members transitioning to civilian life.

MLMC Military Edition


THE SCENARIO: You have just left your full-time military service and are ready to transition to civilian life. Based on your savings and checking account habits, as well as your income and expenses after transitioning, you will try to survive your first month of civilian life without going into debt and without spending more than you earn

YOUR TASK: You will have the option of choosing various possibilities for 24 different needs and wants, each of which will affect how much of your “money” remains and whether you will make it through the month financially.

As you go though each day of the month, you will be presented with real-life scenarios that will change your financial situation based your original choices.

You can choose full-time employment, guard/reserve income, or military disability. Do you want to buy your own home, rent an apartment, or be someone’s roommate? Do you want a new truck, a used sedan, or are you willing to ride the bus? This activity will help you understand how such choices affect your bottom line.

YOUR MONEY: Throughout the activity’s month, you will learn how each choice you make has a monetary value, for better or for worse. While the program will do the adding and subtracting for you, you will be required to answer some relevant financial questions and even some fun trivia along the way in order to proceed. Regardless of your level of “financial literacy,” you will find this program informative and enlightening.

PRIVACY: The information you submit will be used only for scoring your experience, generating and delivering your service of completion. We may include related non-personally identifying information in aggregate reports to our funders, board, regulators and auditors. You will NOT receive marketing or even additional informational emails from us as a result of taking this course. See our privacy policy for additional information:

SPECIAL THANKS to the counselors and leadership team at Coordinated Assistance Network (formerly Yellow Ribbon Network) for their help with putting together reality-based figures and scenarios for this course.

My Life My Choices - Military Edition
    MLMC Military Edition

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    *We recognize that not all transitioning soldiers and sailors have equal pay and equal post-military employment opportunities. For this activity, though, we will assume a typical E-3 income level upon transition to civilian.

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