Savings Success

Get ready to take control of your finances with Savings Success!

This exciting and interactive online course will show you how to set financial goals, cut down on expenses, and plan for the future. You’ll also learn how to overcome any challenges that might come your way and stay on track with helpful reminders.

Created by the Capital One Impact Initiative, Savings Success is designed to help you change your behavior and achieve financial success.

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Savings Success Workshop

Savings Success

    This workshop is based on content developed by ideas42 with generous support from Capital One

    *This workshop is not intended to provide financial advice or guidance; instead we’re here to help provide key terms and share best practices that can help improve your relationship with money. Any opinions or advice is of the organization and not necessarily Capital One’s.

    Important Housekeeping Points

    • This workshop is 100% self-guided.
    • Use the NEXT and PREVIOUS buttons to navigate.
    • Do not use your browser’s back button. If you do, it will exit you from the program.
    • This course can take between 30 and 60 minutes. Click “Save for Later” to exit and return later.
    • Click the SUBMIT Button at the end of the activity in order to download your free Certificate of Completion
    • You may also download the Savings Success Worksheet at

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    Savings Success Resources

    As a nonprofit organization, our focus is on preventing financial issues and helping individuals develop strong core competencies in personal finance. Our Credit Counseling Services & Personal Finance Education programs provided through the Money Fit Academy are free to participate in.

    Savings Success Worksheet

    A one-page companion worksheet to the weekly Savings Success course, this free download helps you personalize your savings plan.

    Credit Voyage

    Join our Credit Voyage course and develop a personalized action plan to improve, maintain or establish credit and achieve your financial goals today.

    Additional Courses

    Discover interactive finance courses designed to fit your unique needs. Appropriate for teens and all adults, each course provides a certificate at the end.

    Money Fit’s free online courses offers all adult consumers the opportunity to learn, engage, and strengthen their skills to grow their savings funds and build their credit. Based on proven tools of behavioral economics to promote behavior change, these courses last 30-60 minutes. Money Fit’s education manager, author, and Accredited Financial Counselor, Todd Christensen, facilitates this course. The program materials were developed by ideas42 and made possible by a grant from Capital One.

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