Chapter 3-The Money Fit 25-week Savings Challenge

The Money Fit 52-week Savings Challenge

Financial experts have long promoted savings as the first and most important “bill” you should pay each month. Adhering to the mantra to “Pay Yourself First” leads to a more stable and secure household, allowing you to weather emergencies and unexpected expenses while also preparing for short-term expenses that you cannot pay for with a single paycheck.

In the video below, go through week-by-week steps to help you start your household savings now, without the pain associated with the recommendations to start saving 10% or 15% of your income now or impractical advice to double your savings every month. The Money Fit 52-week Savings Challenge will have you saving 10% of your income long before this time next year.

16-Minute Video

To successfully pass the module quizzes, we expect that you will need to view each lesson video.

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