Debt Risk Activity

Rating* Your Potential for Dealing with Future Debt Problems

Becoming debt-free once does not guarantee you will remain debt-free for the rest of your life. Debt happens, again and again and again in some cases.

The good news? There are many things you can do to minimize the chance of consumer debt showing up again in your future. That’s why we created this course.

This Debt Risk Score evaluation tool can provide insight into the possibilities of dealing with more periods of consumer debt in the future.

Once you have completed the Debt Risk Score evaluation, please click the Complete and Continue button.

*This evaluation is offered for educational purposes only. Though based on our decades of experience with debt management clients and adult learners, the complexities of predicting future debt challenges based on a limited evaluation such as this understandably prohibit truly personalized recommendations.

Debt Risk Score Evaluation

Debt Risk Score Evaluation

The Money Fit Debt Risk Score Evaluation*

Complete the following to generate your Debt Risk Score that rates your potential for incurring future, excessive consumer debt.

The Debt Risk Score is not used by any lenders but is a self-evaluation meant to help you understand whether you have developed any behaviors that tend to generate excessive consumer debt.

*If you want your results sent to you via email, include your email address in the field at the bottom of the Results page.

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