Chapter 2-Characteristics and Qualities of Most Millionaires

Characteristics and Qualities of a Millionaire

Despite what you may see on TV and in the movies, in novels, or on the news, most millionaires are not greedy, money-hungry, and unethical people.

According to The Millionaire Mind by Dr. Thomas Stanley, millionaires identify the following qualities, in order, as those most responsible for their success:

  1. Being Honest with All People (57%)
  2. Being Well-Discipline (57%)
  3. Getting along with People (56%)
  4. Having a Supportive Spouse (49%)
  5. Working Harder than Most (47%)

If you think about millionaire business owners, they would have a difficult time building a successful business with satisfied and repeat customers by cheating them and treating them poorly. Not to say you won’t find liars or cheats among the millionaire class. You find them at every income and wealth level. However, when surveyed, nearly 6 in 10 credit being honest with others for their financial success.

Taking risks seems that it should be a factor for the success of most millionaires. After all, you would think the rule of “No Risk No Reward” applies to millionaires in the form of “Big Risk Big Reward.” However, less than 30% of millionaires credit their risk-taking personality with their financial success.

Interestingly, three of the top four factors Millionaires credit with their success have to do with social skills and relationships. Being Honest with Others (1) takes the top spot, followed by Being Well-Disciplined (2). Numbers three and four, though, are Getting along with People (3) and Having a Supportive Spouse (4). Working Harder than Others (5) rounds out the top five.

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