What This Course Means to You


What this Course Means to You

How Likely Are You to Become a Millionaire?

Now that you have successfully completed this course, can you take this as a sign you are destined to be wealthy? Or, to the contrary, if you missed a lot of the pre-assessment questions, might it mean you will struggle financially throughout your life?


Destiny has nothing to do with it. Honesty, self-discipline, setting and tracking goals regularly, and working hard will easily win out over destiny every time. The overwhelming portion of millionaires earned their wealth slowly over time and sometimes nearly from scratch.

Perhaps the better question, now that you have a better understanding of what it typically takes to become and remain a millionaire, is this:

Do you even WANT to be a millionaire?

There is absolutely no shame in not being a millionaire. The vast majority of good people in our society and our history have not been millionaires.

The major lesson you should gain from this activity is that you should not envy the supposed millionaire lifestyle, since most millionaires do not live it themselves. A large number of those driving fancy cars and living in large homes may not be as affluent as their possessions seem to suggest.

Finally, if you still want that lifestyle, make sure you go about it properly. SAVEINVEST, and BUILD your wealth and security before spending money on something you may not be able to afford.

To COMPLETE this course, click the button below to go to the 14-question Final Quiz or click the “Back to Course” link below and navigate to the Final Quiz at the end of the lessons. You will need to answer at least 11 out of the 14 questions correctly to receive your certificate of completion.

Final Quiz

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