Chapter 4-Common Millionaire Habits

Common Millionaire Habits

Although the media portrays the life of wealth as one of luxury, leisure, and laziness, most millionaires are anything but.

Millionaires credit their financial success to being honest with others, being well-disciplined, getting along with people, having a supportive spouse, and working harder than most people (Thomas Stanley, The Millionaire Mind). Basically, they don’t have time to waste on TV and video games.

The most common habit shared by most millionaires is that they love reading and learning. They are constantly looking to learn new skills or improve upon old skills. They read about self-improvement and about others’ current and former successes. They have developed a curiosity for finding answers.

In fact, when they have time to listen to something on their mp3 player, they are still looking for something to learn. While they may have a playlist of favorite tunes, they are more likely than not listening to an audiobook on a topic they find intriguing and interesting.

Among the strangest statistics about millionaires is their dental hygiene habits. Whereas only a small percentage (less than 6%) of the general public flosses their teeth more than three times a week, a full 6 out of 10 (more than 60%) of millionaires will floss at least four times a week. They are more than 10 times more likely to be flossers than non-millionaires. There is something about being healthy that they both strive for and that they use to achieve their goals.

Finally, the overwhelming majority of millionaires keep a daily “to do” list. They set these tasks as goals to accomplish, staying focused on what is most important to them and their success.

Pick one or more of these behaviors and give them a try. While they may not make you a millionaire, you will actually be acting like one already.

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